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Join the "Priority Service Club"

We highly recommend our Priority Service Club maintenance program for each of your HVAC systems.  Whether you have one, two or three systems installed in your home or business, our proven programs insures that you comply with standard programs by the manufacturer and will get the most efficient results.  

Our residential pricing is $200 for 12 months for one HVAC system.  Additional $110 per year for your second HVAC system and $100 per year for your third HVAC system. For a commercial or business HVAC system, we will review your equipment and quote our price accordingly.  

Precision Tune Up procedures include:

  • Clean condenser coil as needed.                       

  • Replace/Clean filters (not including specialty filters).

  • Check refrigerant pressures.       

  • Adjust blower components.

  • Clean evaporator coil if accessible as needed.

  • Monitor voltage/amperage.

  • Clean condensate drains.  

  • Tighten electrical connections.

  • Perform safety inspection on heat exchanger.

  • Test starting capabilities.

  • Lubricate moving parts where applicable. 

  • Monitor gas pressure and adjust gas valve.

  • Monitor flue draft.

  • Clean and adjust burner/pilot assembly.

  • Replace oil filter/nozzle as needed.

  • Monitor fan and safety limit controls.

Additional Benefits:

Improved Efficiency, Extended Equipment Life, Improved Capacity, Agreement is Transferable, 24-hr Emergency Service, Priority Customer, 10% discount on Service Repairs

Annual Maintenance

Agreement Request

Thank you for your interest in our Priority Service Club!  We will reach out to you to confirm enrollment

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